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Tool Area | Carpets and Flooring



Daily Rental: $25 Weekly Rental: $125

The Roberts Junior Power Stretcher is an economical choice without sacrificing quality or performance.

  • Low profile power head is easy to span with knee kicker

  • 18″ spring-loaded tail block with wheels provides additional support

  • Value Kit stretches up to 38 feet (Standard Set stretches up to 23.5 feet)

  • Kit includes two interlocking carrying cases, one for tubes and one for the stretcher

  • Stretcher carrying case has wheels for easy transport   


Daily Rental: $10 Weekly Rental: $50

Boasting extra heavy aluminum castings and industrial-grade steel design, the Carpet Knee Kicker offers rugged strength for your DIY carpet installation projects. Double locking pins let you easily adjust to the length you need from 19 in. to 23 in., while a high contour neck lets you maneuver over heads and poles. It’s durable, powder-coated finish ensures lasting use.

  • High contour neck for use over stretcher head and poles

  • Center grooved head for adjusting power stretcher heads

  • Easy to read, easy to adjust pin depth dial

  • Durable powder coated finish


Daily Rental: $15 Weekly Rental: $75

  • Use to melt carpet seam tape when joining two rolls of carpet together for permanent bond

  • Streamlined, low profile design allows for easy carpet seaming

  • Approximate heat range 135°F to 425°F


Daily Rental: $10 Weekly Rental: $50

This multi-purpose Carpet Wall Trimmer is great for cutting conventional carpet, plus great for soft vinyl sheet goods, carpet tiles and cushion back for glue down carpets. The anti slip handle moves easily in tight areas. The trimmer includes 5 heavy duty slotted blades.

  • Make cleaner cuts without marking walls

  • Snap-on anti-friction boot glides smoothly over sheet goods

  • Fully adjustable for most material thicknesses

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Adjustable to work with different carpet thicknesses


Daily Rental: $5 Weekly Rental: $25

Designed primarily for stair tucking, the Roberts 3-1/2 in. Carpet Tucker can also be used to set carpet into tack strips, drive carpet into gullies and crease carpeting along wall lines. The carpet tucker features chrome-plated steel construction and a slip-resistant handle.

  • Use for stair tucking, setting carpet into tack strips, creasing carpet along wall lines and driving carpet into gullies

  • Forged, chrome-plated steel

  • Checkered head prevents hammer from slipping when securing the carpet

  • Slip-resistant handle

  • Heavy-duty blades easily set carpet into stairway crevices


Daily Rental: $225 Weekly Rental: $900

The Lagler Hummel is a durable, powerful machine and boasts a belt tensioning device with integrated automatically regulated belt guidance, a three-stage drum pressure regulation system, and an aggressive sanding drum.

  • Extremely economical Belt can be changed in seconds Impressive working quality

  • Fail-safe and sturdy design Optimized dust extraction and low-fatigue work

  • Hummel Tool Bag Lagler dust bag

  • Hummel Cable Support

  • 3M Protective Mask

  • 30 feet Power Cable


Daily Rental: $35 Weekly Rental: $175

The Super 7R is the most efficient wood floor edger in the industry. Designed for both power and durability, it has been the edger of choice for the pro contractor for over 50 years. Equipped with a quick release dust bag and the ability to attach directly to a vacuum, this edger continues to outpace the competition.

  • Hardened steel pinion with brass drive gear reduces vibration.

  • Precision-balanced sanding pad produces finer finish.

  • Powerful 1 hp motor maintains speed under the heaviest cutting conditions.

  • Rotating dust pipe swivels 210 degrees to allow access to tight spaces and easily attaches to 1-1/2 inch or 2 inch vacuum hoses for improved dust containment.

  • Quick release dust bag that slides on and off with a simple twist and pull.

  • Transparent molded plug has an internal light that serves as a power indicator.


Daily Rental: $15 Weekly Rental: $75

These heavy duty rollers are ideal for use when installing linoleum, VCT, carpet, sheet vinyl, cork underlayment and other floor coverings. The high quality, segmented, chrome-plated rollers ensure maximum transfer of adhesive. The 10-952 handle is removable for transport and storage.

  • Heavy duty roller for pressing flooring evenly into adhesive

  • Segmented, chrome-plated rollers ensure even transfer of adhesive to flooring



Daily Rental: $25 Weekly Rental: $125

Husky 18-Gauge Flooring nailer: The versatile Husky 18-Gauge Flooring nailer is the ideal tool to install your tongue and groove flooring ranging from 3/8 in. to 3/4 in. thick, solid or engineered, including the denser, exotic hardwoods.This Husky nailer utilizes the thinner 18-Gauge L-Cleats, which are less likely to split the tongue on softer, engineered flooring and allows for easier penetration when installing higher density wood flooring. 

  • Body is constructed of lightweight aluminum

  • Included air filter protects the interior mechanism

  • Designed not to scratch floor panels when in use


Daily Rental: $15 Weekly Rental: $75

The Porta-Nails Portamatic Elevator 18-Gauge Adjustable Floor Stapler is designed for professional-level installation of high-quality wood flooring. It is designed to minimize damage to the floor during installation and uses 18-Gauge staple that fastens neatly without splitting the wood. An adjustable shoe enables exact staple placement and the compact, 3-1/2 lb. size allows for use close to the wall. This adjustable nailer is easy to service and comes with a carry case, safety goggles, oil and accessories.

  • Operates with 7 – 90 PSI

  • Contact against the floor’s tongue prevents damage to the top edge of the floor

  • Quick and easy access to internal parts for service

  • Adjustable shoe provides for exact staple placement

  • Compact design allows for use close to the wall

  • 18-Gauge staple is thin enough to avoid splitting exotic woods

  • Uses 1 in., 1-1/4 in. and 1-1/2 in. 18-Gauge staples

  • Includes a carry case, safety goggles, air-hose nipple, oil and wrench set

  • Thinner 18-Gauge staple reduces the risk of splitting exotic floors



Daily Rental: $20 Weekly Rental: $100

Fully manufactured in the USA, the 526 Magnum Shear is designed specifically for the soft flooring industry. Quickly cut luxury vinyl tile, carpet tile, resilient, cork, and rubber tile, and more for your soft flooring installation projects.

  • Max Cut Width: 26 in.

  • Max Rake/Angle: 18.5 degrees on 8 in. board

  • Widest 45 degree angle cut: 18 in.

  • Max Thickness: 1 in. (25mm)

  • Blade: 226B

  • Fence: 45/90 degree angle and repeat cut guide

  • Table: Precision machined black high density polymer


Daily Rental: $225 Weekly Rental: $900

Heavy duty floor stripper for removal of any type of bonded flooring.

  • 5,000 strokes/minute heavy duty impact & propulsion system provides fast & effective flooring removal

  • 3 weight positions for adjusting aggressiveness

  • Smooth, hand operated feather clutch provides ease of operation

  • Detachable weight and handle for easy transportation

  • Multiple blade widths & styles for all types of flooring removal

  • Fully self-propelled

  • Restart breaker cutoff switch for safe operation




Daily Rental: $35 Weekly Rental: $175

Multi Purpose scraper removes: carpeting, underpadding and vinyl tiles, glue, etc.


Daily Rental: $275 Weekly Rental: $1,250

Daily Rental: $325 Weekly Rental: $1,550

LAVINA 20 is a compact and user-firendly 20-inch / 510-mm grinder which delivers outstanding perfomance on different job applications from floor prep to polishing. This model is ideal for residential and small commercial jobs, and is a very popular choice among contractors who are just starting in the concrete polishing business.

Easy to use and transport, and fits easily through all standard doors.



Daily Rental: $750 Weekly Rental: $

Commercial and Industrial Flooring Demolition. You can remove materials such as carpet, VCT, ceramic tile, other tile types, hardwood, linoleum, mortar, coatings and other materials like these. A Ride on Floor Scraper saves contractors time and labor costs, resulting in much more profitability per job.


Daily Rental: $2500

Mix pump and apply pre-blended cementitious construction materials with a single, easy-to-use machine. With the ToughTek MP20 Mixing Pump, water is automatically added to the mixing chamber. All you do is set the water flow rate, add material to the hopper and you’re ready to begin. Ideal for concrete repair or restoration and flooring applications. It will do an average of 200 bags per hour.



The DC 3900c Twin eco is a portable but very powerful dust extractor suitable for large quantities of dust due to its integrated pre-separator. It is particularly suitable for concrete grinding since 80–90% of the coarse materials are separated in the pre-separator. The remaining dust goes into the filter cyclone. The DC 3900c Twin eco is a popular machine since it is powerful enough for most applications yet it can be easily moved and transported. The air flow capacity is suitable for concrete floor grinding machines with diamond discs of up to 500 mm/20” diameter.

  • Integrated preseparator

  • Long lifetime and robust construction

  • High effective cyclone with patented fine filter and HEPA H13 filter for a safe asbestos* removal 

  • Corrosive class C4 (ISO 12944)

  • The motor package can be dismantled easily for cleaning and service

  • Dust free removal of the plastic sack (intellibag®)

  • Adjustable chassis for easy transport 

  • Accessories for many different tasks

  • Holder for accessories and plastic sacks  



From home use to camping, construction and outdoor events, the Generac GP 17,500-Watt Gasoline Powered Electric Start Portable Generator provides dependable power and great portability. This generator runs for up to 10 hours with a 16 Gal. tank and will shut down automatically if oil levels get low to help protect the engine. 

  • 16 Gal. fuel tank runs the generator for up to 10 hours at a half load

  • 992cc engine runs on gasoline to provide dependable power

  • Circuit breaker helps protect the generator and connected appliances from damage

  • Muffler provides quiet operation

  • Fuel gauge shows you when the generator needs refueling

  • Automatic shut-off when oil levels are low to help prevent engine damage

  • Never-flat wheel kit and lifting eye make transporting the generator easy

  • Electric start provides push-button power up battery included

  • Idle control for added fuel efficiency

  • equipment or emergency backup electricity


The extended spindle, low profile cutting head, and flush-mounted blade of this saw allow it to cut all the way against the inner wall of a toe-kick for removing old underlayment. Saves time and serious hard work! Cuts wood to a fixed depth of 3/4″ using the 3 3/8″ diameter 18 tooth carbide-tipped blade (No. 787) included with the saw. A continuous rim 2 5/8″ dry cutting diamond blade (No. 788) for cutting ceramic tile, brick, concrete, stone, or for removing grout to a fixed depth of 3/8″ is available as an accessory.


The saw undercuts walls, jambs, corners, and even most toe-spaces.

  • The large 6-1/2″ diameter carbide-tipped blade can fully undercut most doors in place.

  • Blade height is adjustable up from a flush cut to a maximum of 1″ off the floor.

  • Doors as thick as 1-5/8″ can be cut off without removal.

  • The vacuum fitting for dust control can save a lot of clean up.

  • Undercuts corners, walls, jambs, and most toe-spaces! Cuts masonry and fully undercuts most doors in place.